Firearms Sourced and Recovered in the United States and Territories 2010-2016

I want to try and probe a question that was raised since Las Vegas and now revived due to the tragedy in Sutherland Springs,TX: Given the free trade between states, can a state unilaterally regulate firearms. This post will try to start to give an answer to this question using R. Since there is not an open electronic federal database for firearm ownership and transactions, one important source of information is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, (ATF). [Read More]

jsTree htmlwidget

jsTree is a R package that is a standalone htmlwidget for the jsTree JavaScript library. It can be run from the R console directly into the Rstudio Viewer, be used in a Shiny application or be part of an Rmarkdown html output. Installation #CRAN install.packages('jsTree') #Github devtools::install_github('metrumresearchgroup/jsTree') The motivation for the package came from the shinyTree by Jeff Allen, which has an early version of the JavaScript library hardcoded into a Shiny application. [Read More]


The last R carousel that you'll ever need

We are happy to bring the slick JavaScript library to R. It is self described as “the last carousel you’ll ever need”. This carousel is based on putting the elements of the carousel in a div HTML tag. This makes the carousel very versatile in what can be placed inside. Regular objects that are placed in a carousel can be for example: images, plots, tables, gifs, videos, iframes and even htmlwidgets. [Read More]