Automating roxygen2 package documentation

Take the mystery out of CRAN level package maintenance

Thinking of creating a new package? Dread the task of function documentation? Afraid to run devtools::check(build_args = '--as-cran') and get bombarded by Errors, Warnings, and Notes (oh my!) ? Wait…. breathe! After feeling all that anxiety and following all of Hadley’s directions online, I felt I was doing a lot of manual labour, and that a package should be doing all lot of this for me. So we wrote one - sinew (sin-yu). [Read More]


a R Package to create self-populating roxygen2 skeletons

Sinew is a R package that generates a Roxygen skeleton populated with information scraped from the function script. Functionality makeOxygen: Create skeleton for Roxygen2 documentation populated with information scraped from within the package function scripts. makeImport: Create import calls for DESCRIPTION, NAMESPACE and Roxygen2 makeDictionary: Create an R file of all the unique roxygen parameter fields in a package R subdirectory. makeOxygen Function that returns the skeleton for roxygen2 documentation including title, description, return, import and other fields populated with information scraped from the function script. [Read More]